Poor Air Quality

3 Habits That Decrease Indoor Air Quality in Anthem, NV

April 25, 2022

Research indicates that pollution in your home is likely to be worse than the outdoor atmosphere. Plus, your lifestyle or daily routine could be contributing to it. Here are three habits that can worsen your indoor air quality in Anthem, NV:

Failing to Take Precautions When Using Paints and Adhesives

Renovation activities that involve paints and adhesive can introduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the house. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs can be up to 10 times higher indoors than outdoors.

One way to prevent pollutants is to use paints with low VOCs. Consider choosing eco-friendly products indicating “non-toxic” on their labels.

Also, ensure there’s adequate ventilation when carrying out renovation activities. Sufficient airflow will diffuse chemical pollutants, reducing their concentration and potency.

Not Changing the Air Filter

As air circulates in your home, the HVAC system’s air filter captures the dust and pollen. But debris can clog your filter and obstruct airflow. Airflow obstructions will force your HVAC system to work harder.

Most IAQ experts recommend changing the filter at least once every three months. Consider replacing the filter every month if you have multiple occupants and pets. Adequate airflow will keep your home comfortable during spring in Anthem, NV.

Skipping Routine Maintenance for Your HVAC System

Your cooling system needs routine tuneups to uphold its performance. The more efficient your AC system, the better it will be at regulating temperatures and capturing pollutants.

A maintenance service typically involves cleaning components and fixing faulty parts. Our service technicians can detect issues that could impact indoor air quality. For example, they can point out that you have dirty coils, which can further pollute your home.

Have you noticed signs of pollution in your home? If so, we recommend immediate action. Our team can handle virtually all issues related to heating and cooling systems. Contact us at Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning for exceptional HVAC maintenance services in Anthem, NV.

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