Why Is Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air?

Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air in Cooling Mode?

April 24, 2024

It can be confusing to see your heat pump suddenly reverse its traditional functions and begin blowing hot air while in cooling mode. If you have to live through spring and summer in Henderson, NV, this can be all the more frustrating. Let’s look at a few reasons your heat pump might release hot air while in cooling mode.

Broken Reversing Valve

The reversing valve is the mechanism by which heat pumps move between cooling and heating modes. These valves control the direction of the flow of refrigerant and determine whether refrigerant will release heat into your home (heating mode) or outside of your home (cooling mode) after it condenses.

If the reversing valve malfunctions, you might easily get into a situation where your thermostat instructs your heat pump to enter cooling mode, but the reversing valve makes this impossible. Although the system should be in cooling mode, your heat pump will continue blowing hot air.

Refrigerant Shortage

Refrigerant is the all-important substance that gives heat pumps the power to transfer heat from one location to another. If refrigerant leaks out of your heat pump, the system’s ability to do this may greatly diminish.

As a result, despite officially being in cooling mode, your heat pump may not be able to remove much heat from the hot air around you. In that situation, the air that ultimately enters your home may still be quite warm.

If you notice this problem, never attempt to take care of it yourself. Instead, request HVAC repair or maintenance services so that a trained service technician may restore your system’s refrigerant levels to an appropriate point.

Thermostat Problems

Finally, the source of your predicament may not lie in your heat pump at all. Perhaps your thermostat is old, has faulty wiring or is otherwise dysfunctional, leading it to send the wrong signals to your system.

If your heat pump isn’t functioning properly, our team is ready to assist. Call Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning and request our professional HVAC repair services in Henderson, NV, today.

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