Expert HVAC Maintenance
in Las Vegas, North Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, NV & Surrounding Areas

If you don’t want to call Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning for a repair crisis, then you need to stay up to date on your preventive maintenance. We offer residential and commercial HVAC maintenance services for all types of heating and cooling systems.

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Why Do You Need HVAC Maintenance?

Your HVAC system operates like a car. It can continue functioning for years without breaking, but it will get less efficient over time without the right care. Additionally, your HVAC system’s lifespan is significantly shortened without maintenance because your unit has to work harder to overcome problems that have built up.

HVAC maintenance also allows our team to catch small problems before they grow into big issues. Using the car metaphor, a mechanic can catch an issue and fix it during an oil change before it blooms into a major problem, stranding you on the side of the road. Our HVAC technicians will try to fix any potential breaks during our service calls, so your system keeps running long after we leave.

What Goes Into Our Maintenance Services?

At Mr. Cool, we take a comprehensive approach to HVAC maintenance. Our technicians follow a dedicated checklist to clean and update your system, so it runs at its best. A few parts of our service appointment include:

  • Inspecting and changing your air filters
  • Removing any debris that could clog your hoses or fans
  • Checking the thermostat settings compared to the actual temperature
  • Lubricating fans and belts so they run smoothly
  • Checking the electrical connections and voltage
  • Making notes on the current operating levels of your system

As you can see, we look at all parts of the HVAC unit, from the interior hoses to the fans outside.

How Frequently Should Your System Be Cleaned?

At Mr. Cool, we recommend scheduling HVAC tune-ups bi-annually. Consider scheduling one service call in the fall, after you have used your air conditioning through the summer months. Then schedule your following tune-up in the spring after you use the heater throughout winter. This allows us to catch any problems that may have developed in the past six months of heavy use during a period of light use.

Schedule Your Maintenance Check Today

Don’t wait for your HVAC system to break before you call our team. Get into the habit of preventive maintenance to extend the longevity of your unit. Schedule a tune-up today with Mr. Cool. We offer spring and fall-tune ups for both residential and commercial systems, as well as winter and summer specials.

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