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Why Isn’t My Home in Las Vegas, NV, Getting Enough Airflow?

October 15, 2021

If you notice dry heat and a hard-to-breathe atmosphere inside your Las Vegas, NV, home, you may not be getting enough airflow. Here are a few possible causes of restricted airflow in your house and what you can do to get the air flowing freely again.

Dirty Vents and Ducts

As air passes through, your vents and ducts trap dirt and debris, which can accumulate and obstruct airflow over time. It’s best to hire an HVAC technician to clean your ventilation ducts safely and thoroughly.

Clogged Air Filters

Your HVAC filters capture the dirt, debris, pollen and other particles in the air passing through them. As useful as these filters are, they also tend to clog up to the point where they can no longer perform efficiently. You should replace your air filter at least once a month to keep the air flowing throughout your home.

Damaged Blower Fans

Your HVAC system also has blower fans that move air into different spaces. When your motor belt or blower fan blades incur damage or wear and tear, they have a harder time pushing or pulling out that air. It’s tricky to reach your HVAC’s blower fan and belt, so ask a certified and insured HVAC technician to perform an on-site inspection and subsequent repairs.

Closed Doors and Windows

Closing your doors and windows in winter helps to keep the indoors warm, but it can make the air feel stuffy. Open your doors and windows when you can to invite a cool fall breeze in and get air flowing naturally.

Get a permanent boost in indoor airflow and air quality by working with a professional HVAC technician. Contact Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about our IAQ services.

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