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Have Your Heat Pump Tuned Up This Fall in Henderson, NV

October 18, 2023

Fall is one of the best seasons to schedule heat pump maintenance services. Doing so has multiple benefits, including keeping your system in top shape. Let’s discuss some advantages of scheduling fallserv heat pump maintenance in Henderson, NV.

Reduced Chances of a Breakdown

Scheduling fall maintenance services may help reduce the number of times a heat pump breaks down. The service technician will inspect various aspects of the system and determine if any components need repairing or replacing. It helps prevent existing and potential problems from worsening so they don’t disrupt your family’s comfort throughout winter and after.

Increased System Efficiency

Some tasks the HVAC service technician will do during a maintenance appointment include cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, replacing the air filter, fixing loose electrical wiring, ensuring the thermostat is working properly and lubricating moving components. These actions help improve the heat pump’s efficiency.

Reduced Energy Bill

A dirty and overworked HVAC system can cause issues that could boost your utility bills as a result of increased energy consumption. When the HVAC service technician cleans the system and fixes any potential issues during a fall maintenance appointment, it could help keep your bills in check.

If you notice your utility bills have gone up for what seems like no explainable reason, give us a call rather than waiting for something more serious to happen. It may be something as simple as the air filter needs changing or a more complex issue that requires immediate addressing.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The air filter in a heat pump improves indoor air quality by trapping pollutants. When it gets clogged, it’s not able to effectively do its job. An HVAC professional changes the air filter during the autumn maintenance check, allowing air to flow freely through a new filter that has a clean surface for capturing contaminants.

Scheduling a fall maintenance appointment can help your HVAC system work its best during fall and the rest of the year. Call Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning for professional HVAC services. Our team is available 24/7 for our clients.

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