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Should My Ductless System in Henderson, NV, Sound Noisy?

March 19, 2024

Ductless systems should provide a quiet operation that results in a serene and comfortable Henderson, NV, home. They still make noises, including rushing fluids, fan sounds, clicking and whirring. However, if your ductless system makes these unusual noises, you might need professional service to identify and correct the issues behind them.


Rattling noises might come from loose components in indoor or outdoor units when they contact the exterior framing. Many parts get loose after time due to aging and wear and tear. Some rattling noises might indicate debris on or inside the system components.

Squealing or Grinding

These noises typically come from faulty blower wheels or fan motors. Both components serve crucial roles in heat exchange and proper airflow. Identifying, repairing and replacing these specific parts should never be a DIY project.

Hissing or Bubbling

Hissing and bubbling noises might indicate air bubbles in the refrigerant line, and that might seem odd for a new installation. However, ductless systems that use heat pumps rely on refrigerant. Another possible cause is that the drainage line might have a blockage, hole or crack.

Gurgling or Bubbling

Another potential cause for bubbling noises might be frost or ice accumulations on the evaporator coils if you have a mini-split system. Gurgling noises might also happen if the coils are dirty and the system works inefficiently. Regular maintenance calls that involve coil cleaning lowers the odds of this happening in your home.

Vibrations or Buzzing

Buzzing and vibrating sounds might suggest electrical system issues with an outdoor compressor unit. However, it might also come from broken or loose fan blades. You may find either of these noises in nearly any system component.

Even a ductless system inevitably makes noises occasionally. However, abnormal noises or anything you hear that concerns you can be grounds for a professional maintenance call. Schedule your visit with Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning for all your home’s repair needs.

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