Poor Indoor Air Quality

How to Resolve Your Indoor Air Quality Problem Quickly

February 21, 2023

Did you know there are thousands of microscopic particles floating around in your home that can harm you? The latest statistics show that most people in Summerlin, LV, live in a property with indoor air up to 100 times filthier than the air outside. Filtering and freshening your home’s air is relatively easy, though. Follow these four steps to resolve your indoor air quality problem quickly:

Change Your HVAC Filter Monthly

Performing this task is imperative to protect your HVAC system from working too hard and the associated wear and tear. It also helps keep your indoor air quality at a healthy level. Check your HVAC system’s filter every month. If it’s dirty, change it. Doing so will keep your heating and cooling costs under control and prevent expensive HVAC repairs.

Invest in a Whole-Home Air Cleaner

Air cleaners are up to 100 times more effective at filtering particle pollutants than traditional HVAC filters. What’s more, some models filter contaminants like bacteria and viruses. If you notice that you’re dusting your house more often, you likely have poor indoor air quality. Investing in a whole-home air cleaner will reduce dust build-up.

Install a Humidifier to Add Moisture

You should aim for a home humidity reading between 40% and 60%. In Summerlin, LV, where the outdoor air is naturally dry, you might need a humidifier to add moisture to your home’s air supply, especially in winter.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system plays a part in filtering and freshening the air inside your house, but you must maintain it regularly. Schedule HVAC maintenance in the spring for your air conditioner and another appointment in the fall for your heater. Your service technician will recommend other ways to improve your indoor air quality so that you can live healthier.

Are you feeling sick while inside your house? If you step outside and the symptoms go away, it’s probably because you have an indoor air quality problem. Contact Mr. Cool Heating & Air Conditioning to resolve it right away.

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